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Ravenwood Salvation
   Ravenwood Rabha
CA Clear   and   LFS Negative
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From Ravenwood Salvation's dam, Ravenwood Rabha (an RG Al Mone daughter), her paternal grandsire, Alcibiades, was the result of breeding a Nazeer son to a Nazeer daughter.  Rabha's paternal granddam's sire (El Hadiyi) was the result of breeding a Nazeer son (*Ansata Ibn Halima) to a Nazeer granddaughter (*Sammara).   Ravenwood Rabha's paternal granddam's dam (Faaraa) has a sire that has a linebred Babson pedigree through her sire Faarad.  Faarad's sire, Faaris, was the result of breeding the *Fadl son Fa-Serr to *Fadl's full sister *Maaroufa (Faaris was sired by a son of his mother's full brother), while Faarad's dam, Fadba, was the result of breeding the *Fadl son Faddan to the *Fadl granddaughter Fay-Sabah.  *Fadl's paternal granddam, Bint Gamilla (the dam of Ibn Rabdan), was the result of breeding an El Sennari son (Ibn Nadra) to an El Sennari daughter (Gamila).  Faara's dam is sired by Nazeer who was out of the mare Bint Samiha.  Bint Samiha's maternal granddam, Bint Hadbah El Saghira, was the result of breeding a Saklawi I son, El Halabi, to a Saklawi I daughter, Hadba making her a double Saklawi I granddaughter.  Bint Samiha's dam, Samiha, was sired by Samhan who was the result of linebreeding a Dahman son, Rabdan (*Fadl's maternal and paternal grandsire), to a Dahman granddaughter, Roga.  Samhan's dam, Om Dalal, was also a Saklawi I daughter.  Thus, Bint Samiha's dam Samiha was bred with the greatest transmission of genetic strengths in the fold of her pedigree from her mother (Bint Hadbah El Saghira who was a double Saklawi I granddaughter)  whose sire was the Saklawi I son El Halabi and whose paternal granddam was sired by the Saklawi I son, Sabbah I.  Nazeer's sire, Mansour, was the result of linebreeding a Rabdan grandson, Gamil Manial, to a Rabdan granddaughter, Nafaa El Saghira.  Gamil Manial (Mansour's sire) was out of Dalal who was a full sister to Samhan who was Samiha's sire  (Nazeer's maternal granddam).  RG Al Mone was roughly 34% Nazeer blood (co-efficients not calculated), he was bred pure in strain to the first generation Seqlawi Jedran Ibn Sudan via Medallela.   Ravenwood Rabha's dam, *Lancers Rabha, was the result of breeding a Nazeer grandson (Kayed) to a Nazeer granddaughter (Noosa).  She was also bred pure in strain to the first gneration Kuhaylan Rodan via Om El Saad, a daughter of Yashmak.  *Lancers Rabha is also the result of breeding an Om El Saad grandson, Kayed, to an Om El Saad granddaughter, Noosa.  This makes *Lancers Rabha 25% Nazeer and 25% Om El Saad (co-efficients not calculated).  *Lancers Rabha's sire, Kayed was sired by *Morafic who was sired by Nazeer and out of Mabrouka whose sire Sid Abouhom was an Ibn Rabdan grandson via his dam Layla who was a Kazmeen granddaughter.  Kazmeen being the maternal grandsire to Nazeer.  Layla's granddam Sabah was a daughter of Mabrouk Manial who was a half brother to Nazeer's paternal grandsire, Gamil Manial.  Mabrouka's dam, Moniet El Nefous, was sired by Shahloul who was an Ibn Rabdan son out of a Mabrouk Manial daughter.  Moniet El Nefous's dam, Wanisa, was sired by Sheikh El Arab, who was a 3/4 brother to Nazeer being sired by Mansour and out of a Kazmeen daughter.  Wanisa's dam, Medallela, was sired by a Mabrouk Manial son and out of Khafifa who was a paternal granddaughter of Samhan and direct daughter of Samhan's full sister Dalal.  Like *Fadl, Khafifa was sired by a son of her mother's full brother.  Kayed's dam, Kaydahom, was pure in strain to the first generation Kuhaylah Rodania and was sired by a Sid Abouhom (grandson of Ibn Rabdan) son, Azmi who was out of Malaka who was sired by a grandson of Samhan (Kheir) who was sire to Nazeer's dam.  Malaka's dam, Bint Bint Riyala, was sired by Gamil Manial (Nazeer's paternal grandsire).  Kaydahom's dam was sired by the Ibn Rabdan son Shahloul and out of the Sheikh El Arab (3/4 brother to Nazeer) daughter, Yashmak.   *Lancers Rabha's dam, Noosa, was sired by Ibn Maisa who was a Nazeer son (Nazeer being a Kazmeen grandson) and out of a Shahloul daughter, Maisa, who was out of a Kazmeen daughter, Zareefa.  Thus, Ibn Maisa was sired by a grandson of Kazmeen out of a granddaughter of Kazmeen.  Noosa's dam, Saaida was also sired by Sid Abouhom and out of the Shahloul daughter Om El Saad, daughter of Yashmak who was sired by Sheikh El Arab (3/4 brother to Nazeer).   Ravenwood Salvation's maternal great grandsire, Alcibiades being a paternal grandson of Yashmak gives his dam, Ravenwood Rabha, 12.5% Yashmak blood. 

Ravenwood Salvation's sire, Qahtahn,  was the result of breeding a *Morafic grandson, Ruminaja Fayez, to a *Morafic great-granddaughter, Moniet Bint Sabah.  Ruminaja Fayez himself was the result of breeding a *Morafic son, Shaikh Al Badi, to a *Morafic granddaughter, Bint Magidaa.  This is considered to be *Morafic 1 x 3 and 2 x 4 - that means one line to *Morafic in the 3rd generation and 2 lines in the 4th.  Ruminaja Fayez's sire, Shaikh Al Badi, was the result of breeding a Nazeer son who was out of a Shahloul granddaughter to a Nazeer daughter who was out of a Shahloul daughter.  Ruminaja Fayez's dam, Bint Magidaa, was the result of breeding *Khofo (who was the result of breeding a Sid Abouhom grandson to a Sid Abouhom granddaughter) to *Magidaa.  *Magidaa's mother was the result of breeding a Shahloul grandson to a double Hamdan granddaughter while Hamdan was Shahloul's full brother.  That means *Magidaa's paternal granddam, Kateefa, was a half sister to her maternal grandsire, Anter and maternal granddam Mahfouza, making her at least 38% the same blood and bred in the crotch of the pedigree for the strength of Hamdan and Shahloul to express itself.  Qahtahn's dam, Moniet Bint Sabah was the result of crossing two  inbred individuals.  Her sire, Moniet El Shahraf, was sired by *Ibn Moniet El Nefous who was the product of breeding *Morafic (a Nazeer son) back to his grandmother, Moniet El Nefous (75% same blood), with 25% "outcross" using *Rashad Ibn Nazeer who was a Nazeer son out of a daughter of Nazeer's 3/4 brother Sheikh El Arab.   Moniet Bint Sabah's dam, was Serasaab, who was sired by Fabbah (*Fadl x *Bint Bint Sabbah).  Serasaab's dam was sired by Fa-Serr (*Fadl x *Bint Serra I) and out of his brother Fay El Dine's daughter, Fay-Sabbah who was also out of *Bint Bint Sabbah).  Thus this was a *Bint Bint Sabbah son bred to a *Bint Bint Sabbah grandaughter (from the female side of sire and dam) and a *Fadl son bred to a *Fadl son's daughter who was out of a *Fadl son's daughter. 
Ravenwood Salvation is a handsome, pure Egyptian, solid black stallion with overall balanced strucuture, very good substance, very good underpinnings and a gentle nature. "Salvation" is well under saddle, and is a wonderful trail horse that looks forward to long distance rides. He has a pedigree full of notable Arabian horses and is from the profilic Kuhaylan Rodan female family of Rodania via Yashmak. He is bred for the greatest transmission of genetics strengths from *Rashad Ibn Nazeer and *Bint Moniet El Nefous via the full siblings Alcibiades (through his dam) and Bint Bint Moniet (through his sire). Salvation is available for the 2013 breeding season . We are offering his breedings at a discount 1000.00 . We will AI and have Live Cover with excellent mare care that is very reasonably priced . We will help with making sure the pedigrees  work most importanly the structures will work together giving you your best chance for a gorgeous foal . Salvations colt last year was sold over seas  ..  he puts wonderful babies on the ground !!! Ravenwoods are know for all around athletic abilities ,beauty ,calm soft nature..We bred him to MB Satulah for a 2013 foal . We are very excited to see the result of this ..both of these Arabians love each other so we will see if Tesio is right about the nervous energy !!!
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Ravenwood Salvation
Ruminaja Fayez
Shaikh Al  Badi
* Morafic
* Bint Maisa El Saghira ++
Bint Magidaa
*Khofo ++
Moniet El  Sharaf
Moniet Bint Sabah
* Ibn Moniet El Nefous
Bint Bint Moniet
* Rashad Ibn Nazeer
Ravenwood Rabha
* Lancers Rabha
RG Al Mone
RG Anemone
* Bint Moniet El Nefous
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Ibn Maisa
El Hadiyi
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