Omar Saalim is a 2006 pure Egyptian Arabian stallion.  Omar is an extremely attractive young stallion with a classic arabian head, large dark eyes, well-shaped neck that is set into well-laid back shoulders, with withers deep into his back.  He has over all excellent balance, excellent substance, solid underpinnings and good character.  Omar Saalim has the potential to be an superb riding horse with plenty of athleticism, i.e.very good drive and impulsion from the hocks driving well beneath himself, free moving, far reaching front quarters as well as presence and charisma for a breathtaking display every time shown.

Omar was bred to be a prepotent sire with a well-blended, yet semi-outcrossed pedigree that is pure in strain Sequawi Jedran Ibn Sudan to the first generation. His sire,Odysseus HF and his dam, MB Jamillsa, are discussed on thier webpages (click the underlined lnks), however, his breeder's intent was to combine closely linebred strengths of those two individuals (each linebred to different horses) while combining them with additional linebreeding to a third and fourth horse these being *Ansata Ibn Halima and *Rashad Ibn Nazeer.  Additionally, this was done while breeding pure in strain Sequawi Jedran Ibn Sudan via the *Bint Moniet El Nefous branch of the Moniet El Nefous family from both sire and dam. You may note that Omar's paternal great-granddam, Ansata Jamilla is sired by *Ansata Ibn Halima and his maternal great-granddam, Monisa Halima, is also sired by *Ansata Ibn Halima.  More distantly, his maternal grandsire's maternal granddam is a double *Ansata Ibn Halima granddaughter.  Then, we have both his sire and dam hailing from the female tail of *Bint Moniet El Nefous with *Rashad Ibn Nazeer as her mate, twice through Omar's sire via his paternal great-granddam (Rodoniet) and once through his dam via Monisa RSI. Though Omar is a young stallion, he is showing great promise with his first foal crop and his riding career.
Odysseus HF
MB Jamillsa
In looking at Omar's dam, *MB Jamillsa, she was the result of what might be considered a pedigree match with her paternal granddam, Imperial Mistilll, being slightly more than three-quarter sister to her dam, Bint Jamilla* (Bint Jamilla* is sired by *Jamilll and out of an *Ansata Ibn Halima++ daughter, whereas, Imperial Mistilll is sired by *Jamilll and out of a double *Ansata Ibn Halima++ granddaughter [sire and dam are by *Ansata Ibn Halima++]). Although this is not considered the "ideal" placement for where it is thought the greatest transmission of genetic strength is to be found (being a generation closer), she has, nevertheless, been able to pass her excellence in totality to most of her foals.

The other aspect of *MB Jamillsa's pedigree needing closer examination is that of her maternal great-great-granddam who is a daughter of *Rashad Ibn Nazeer and the ethereal beauty *Bint Moniet El Nefous. Though some will disagree, we believe this infusion of the athletic *Rashad with the exquisite refinement and beauty of *Bint Moniet El Nefous was exactly what both horses needed relative to their intrinsic value as breeding stock for the future. In Authentic Arabian Bloodstock II, page 253, Judith Forbis stated " . . . *Bint Moniet El Nefous (by Nazeer), was the finest of the Pritzlaff imports, but unfortunately, she was bred most of the time to his bay stallion, *Rashad Ibn Nazeer, (*Rashad photo) who was completely out of type to her, and she produced mostly bays who were unlike her, being taller, heavier boned and plainer headed by comparison" one of such was AK Monisa Moniet (Monisa Moniet Photo) a *Rashad/*Bint Moniet daughter. And on page 252, Mrs. Forbis states ". . . the royal family of Egypt developed lines that were generally prized for their refinement and elegance. Chestnuts and greys predominate in Egypt; in America a bay line also developed through use of the more substantial and less typey bay Kuhaylan Rodan Stallion *Rashad Ibn Nazeer, on the elegant chestnut, *Bint Moniet El Nefous, regrettably almost wiping out the refinement and type the best greys and chestnuts of this line were noted for . . .". In 1999, Mrs. Forbis acquired MB Sateenha (a double great-great-granddaughter of *Bint Moniet El Nefous and *Rashad Ibn Nazeer) as a 4 year old at the Montebello dispersal auction and used her as a broodmare before exporting her and her daughters overseas. If this instance alone is not convincing enough that the cross of *Rashad Ibn Nazeer and *Bint Moniet El Nefous was an excellent breeding decision designed for use in the future (in spite of being the brainchild of the less popular breeder Richard Pritzlaff), then please click on **these examples** being representative of doubling the *Bint Moniet El Nefous family with two lines to *Rashad Ibn Nazeer on the sire's tail female via the granddam Rodoniet and one from the dam's side via AK Monisa Moniet. Together, sire and dam produced some of the most stunning, exotic and refined foals with nothing less than breathtaking, unequalled motion from the family of Moniet El Nefous. We strongly believe this was a direct consequence of *Bint Moniet El Nefous being bred to *Rashad Ibn Nazeer generations ago. In these aforementioned examples you should see the athletic genetics of *Rashad having been skillfully blended with the timeless beauty of Moniet El Nefous, through, in fact, her only daughter having left Egypt (I am still pondering the whys of the EAO in allowing this single, described as best daughter of Moniet El Nefous, to be sold to Richard Pritzlaff). This skillful blending allows breeders to this day to use the beauty and refinement of this blood without losing the athleticism and solid structure known to the true authentic arabian horse. Though *MB Jamillsa was a bay mare from this breeding on her tail female, she is an excellent example of what has NOT been lost because she epitomizes exotic type and refinement with the bonus of excellent overall structure and incredible, far reaching motion. Many thanks goes to the late, great Richard Pritzlaff for his foresight and consideration to the long-term future of the straight Egyptian arabian horse in selecting his broodstock and making breeding decisions however unpopular they may be with those more politically well-situated to influence and persuade others in their decision making.

Omar Saalim is out of *MB Jamillsa, once JEVA Farms' best producing broodmare. Jamillsa is a culmination of the best attributes of her ancestors - her pedigree was expertly blended. Her disposition is much like that of her grandam and great-grandam, Hanan, as described in Dr. Nagel's book entitled "Hanan: The Story of an Arabian Mare and of the Arabian Breed". Her head can accurately be described as extreme and exotic with a large, dark, soft, eye. Her muzzle fits perfectly into the cup of a woman's hand and her features are that of quality and refinement. Her thin, supple skin is covered by a soft, fine, shiny coat that sheds out to a "clipped" finish. She was foaled in 1995, is pure Egyptian and bay in color standing 14.3+ hands. She is graceful and elegant with superb performance potential with a free moving front quarter, incredible reaching stride and the ability to drive deep under herself for impulsion. Jamillsa has a long, slender neck with good flexion, good overall balance, straight legs and a good croup.  The sire side of Jamillsa's pedigree is chock full of champions and champion producers. Sired by Imperial Saturn, a 1994 United States National Top Ten Champion Stallion, a 1995 and 1996 Egyptian Event Reserve Champion in Country English Pleasure Jr. horses and Open respectively as well as finishing 3rd on the cards in Region 9 Ladies Western Sidesaddle Open(only his 2nd time shown in this class!) behind the National and Reserve Champions. He is also a multi-champion in western pleasure with several championship halter titles. Imperial Saturn was sired by *Ibn Safinaz, a National Top Ten Stallion and performance champion. *Ibn Safinaz sired the 1992 United States Reserve National Champion Futurity Stallion, Muzac, and a 1995 United States National Top Ten Stallion, MB Mistaz, as well as many other champions both in performance and halter classes. His get continue to accumulate championships to his credit. Imperial Saturn is out of Imperial Mistilll, who has produced champion after champion earning the title of Imperial Egyptian Stud's most famous broodmare. Imperial Mistilll was sired by *Jamilll, a Multi-Champion and U.S. National Top Ten Stallion, a competitive dressage mount in Germany as well as sire of European and World Champions. Bred by Dr. Hans Nagel, Germany, and leased to Ansata Arabian Stud from from 1983-1984. Perhaps the best son of the incomparable mare, Hanan, of Dr. Hans Nagel's Katherinenhof Stud. Hanan is the dam and grandam of some very well-known arabians and her influence spans the World. In her lifetime, she produced 11 foals, including the aforementioned *Jamilll. She is the dam of Asfour, of the famous Simeon Stud in Australia. Asfour is the sire of World Reserve Senior Champion Stallion, Simeon Sadik and Ibn Galal I, the sire of *Ibn Galal 1-7, a United States Top Ten National Champion Mare. Hanan is also the dam of Salaa El Dine the sire of the more recent import, *Shahir, who is also a multi-champion stallion. *Jamilll's sire is Madkour I the 1972 and 1982 National Champion Stallion of West Germany as well as a multi-National Champion producing sire. Imperial Mistilll's dam is Ansata Nile Mist who was sired by the first straight Egyptian United States National Champion Stallion, Ansata Ibn Sudan. Ansata Nile Mist was out of Falima who was sired by the very famous and multi-Champion National Top Ten Stallion, *Ansata Ibn Halima.

The dam's side of Jamillsa's pedigree is equally impressive. *MB Jamillsa is out of Bint Jamilla* who was sired by *Jamilll. Bint Jamilla* was exported to Australia by the Ponds in 1998. Bint Jamilla* is out of Monisa Halima who was sired by *Ansata Ibn Halima a three time United States National Top Ten Halter Champion Stallion, Class A Champion at Park and Halter, Most Classic and Legion of Merit Stallion. *Ansata Ibn Halima sired the United States National Champion Mare, Fa Halima, United States National Champion Stallion, Ansata Ibn Sudan, Reserve National Champion Stallion of Europe's Salon Du Cheval, Ansata Abbas Pasha and Reserve National Champion Mare of Europe, Fa Halima. He also has countless champion grand get throughout the World and his blood may be found in most modern day horse pedigrees. Monisa Halima is out of AK Monisa Moniet who sold for $560,000.00 at the Bentwood Spectacular sale in the 80's. AK Monisa Moniet was sired by *Ibn Moniet El Nefous *Ibn Moniet El Nefous, imported in 1965 to the United States by Jay Stream then sold to Jarrell McCracken of Bentwood Farms. *Ibn Moniet El Nefous was a U.S. National Champion Top Ten Stallion and a sire of 426 foals including Al Nahr Mona Lisa dam of Bay Halima who was sire of Bint Hafarrah who is dam of Amir El Fareed sold to HRH Bandar Al Faisul of Saudi Arabia and bred by JEVA Farms. *Ibn Moniet El Nefous also sired AN Monsanto (sire of 160 foals), Al Nahr Montino exported to the UK, AK Monazarra, AK Monazera, AK Monilita, DG Monietta, Monaserra, AN Mona all six exported to Brazil, Bint Monisa exported to Argentina, Na Ibn Moniet (sire of 122 foals), Mohafez exported to Germany then Hungary (sire of 135 foals), Dareeba exported to France then Germany, AK Nadira exported to Argentina, Della Moniet exported to Brazil then Argentina, Moniet El Sharaf (sire of 516 foals), and notably, Imperial Phanadah dam of Imperial Pharaj exported to Morocco then Italy, Imperial Phanilah exported to Qatar and owned by Al Shaqab, Imperial Imphayana exported to Israel, Germany then the UK, Imperial Impharida exported to Qatar to name a few. AK Monisa Moniet was out of Monisa RSI who was sired by the performance producer *Rashad Ibn Nazeer, imported by Richard Pritzlaf and sire of 35 foals including Tibor The General, Shiko Ibn Sheikh a multi-champion in performance, sire of 255 foals many of whom are Champions in Performance, Bint El Sarie, RSI Sara, Alcibiades (sire of 101 foals including RG Al Mone and several other notables), Soja RSI, Monieta RSI, Monietor-RSI, Rafisa RSI, Monisa RSI (dam of 12 foals including AK Monisa Moniet, Bint Monisa-exported to Argentina, and AK Radia), Rasmoniet RSI (exported to the UK then Australia and sire of 178 foals), BiMoniet RSI, Sonieta, and Dazeera to name a few. AK Monisa Moniet was out of *Bint Moniet El Nefous. *Bint Moniet El Nefous hails from one of the most prolific mare lines in the World, Moniet El Nefous.

Omar Saalim is sired by Odysseus HF who was bred by Hope Farms of Cove, Arkansas and breeders of excellent Egyptian Arabians for over 40 years. Odysseus HF was full brother to HF Sybel who has been exported to Israel and traces to the Queen of the Nile, Moniet El Nefous, through his three grandparents. Once through *Ansata Bint Mabrouka via Ansata Shah Zaman, once through *Bint Mona via The Egyptian Prince and again through Moniet El Nefous' only direct daughter imported to the U.S., *Bint Moniet El Nefous. He expressed those genetic qualities well both as an individual, but more so as a sire. As an individual, Odysseus had a handsomely masculine, slightly dished head that was triangular in shape with a prominent jowl. His ears were small and well set and he bent nicely at the poll. His neck was of good length, set and used well and tied in nicely to well-laid back, well-developed shoulders that were free moving. His chest was wide, deep and well muscled. His ribs were well-sprung with a deep barrel and good heart girth. His forearms were long, his cannons short, his knees large and flat. He hae good bone, large round hooves and strong pasterns without being coarse. His topline was admirable with a relatively short back, long hip and level croup. He drove deep from his hocks and pounded out the trot with riveting action. A masculine, yet beautiful athlete that was tractable, intelligent and gentle, he was easily handled without a chain or whip and most often without a halter. He did not strike, bite, rear, kick or make other aggressive behaviors towards humans. He proved to be a prolific sire passing many qualities to his foals. He had added correct legs and feet, as well as overall quality, refinement, smoothness of body, thinness of skin, fineness of coat, desert dryness, overall conformational balance, beauty, spark, motion and pizzaz. With limited showings and use, he was sire to a few notable foals which can be found on the Stallion Methology  page. Odysseus HF was sired by Ansata Shah Zahir, herd sire for Hope Farms for 20 years. Zahir was an exotic, correct stallion that was sire to 74 foals including HF Aset (Ansata Shah Zahir X Bint Bint Pasha) who was exported to Israel (and winner of the Breeder's Cup Champion Mare title, winning both the breeder's cup halter title and the semi-finals as well as finals on the race track) and HF Ann Boleyn (exported to France), Ansata Shah Zahir was sired by Ansata Shah Zaman, a multi-champion United States National and Class A Champion stallion as well as sire of 255 foals including prolific producers such as Ansata Rosetta (dam of notables Ansata Halim Shah ~ exported to Germany then Qatar, Ansata Omar Halim, Ansata Prima Rose ~ exported to Germany then Qatar), Ansata Damietta (dam of Ansata El Mabrouk who was exported to Paraguay then Uruguay then Argentina, Ansata Halima Son, Ansata Dia Halima, Ansata Abu Halim, Ansata Marietta, BKA Damilll), Ansata Delilah (dam of Ansata Imperial, Ansata Samantha, Ansata Bint Halima ~ exported to Qatar, Ansata Sudarra ~ exported to Qatar, Ansata Deborah ~ exported to Qatar, Ansata Haji Halim ~ exported to Brazil, Ansata Haji Jamil ~ exported to Morocco then Saudi Arabia), Ansata Nile Star (dam of Ansata Nile Joy ~ exported to Australia), Ansata Aya Maria ~ exported to Germany, Ansata Ibn Shah (sire of 44 foals), Ansata Nile Bay (sire of 41 foals), and ZT Sharello (sire of 135 foals including ZT Sharuby) to name a few. Many of Ansata Shah Zaman's progeny are National Champion horses including United States National Futurity Champion Stallion of 1977 and Canadian Reserve National Champion Stallion, Ansata Shah Zam. Ansata Shah Zaman was exported to Argentina by Zichy-Thyssen Arabians in 1980, was syndicated in 1982 and expired in 1985. Ansata Shah Zaman was sired by the legendary *Morafic a legend in his time, sire of 207 foals and a Class A Halter and Park Champion as well as multi-champion producer and founder of one of the most prolific sire lines in the World. *Morafic was himself a grandson of the undisputed Queen of the Nile, Moniet El Nefous and sired by the King of the Valley of the Nile, Nazeer. Nazeer's kingdom was small, but his influence dominant around the world changing Egyptian breeding forever. Nazeer was also a successful racehorse and from 1937 to 1939 he won 4, placed 6, showed 1 out of 20 starts. *Morafic, himself an inspiring athlete, sired the remarkable Amaal (sire of Talmaal), and Shaikh Al Badi who went on to sire Alidaar, Ruminaja Ali, Ruminaja Fayez, Ruminaja Majid, Ruminaja Bahajt and countless other champions. In addition to being a sire of sires, *Morafic was equal in his ability to produce exceptional broodmares that are legion in number and in proliferation of their type being the stellar foundation mares of many farms. *Ibn Moniet El Nefous was out of Moniet El Nefous the undisputable Queen of Egypt and the Bride of the Nile who so captured Judith Forbis she wrote "At first it was her outward beauty that enraptured me. I had not yet learned that true beauty is but an outward expression of an inward state . . . beauty is permanent, and by so being, is beyond the confines of the five senses of the body and can be apprehended only by the spirit". Dam of Mabrouka (dam of *Ansata Bint Mabrouka), Mona (dam of *Bint Mona), Ibtsam, Fayrooz and *Bint Moniet El Nefous - the only direct daughter to be exported. Moniet El Nefous was a dam of sires as well giving birth to *Soufian, *Ibn Moniet El Nefous,*Fakher El Din and *Tuhotmos. Each one of her direct progeny created dynasties of their own proliferating beauty and athleticism throughout the world and who's blood is still sought out today. Ansata Shah Zahir was out of Ansata Jamila dam of just 4 foals. Ansata Jamila was sired by *Ansata Ibn Halima, a three time United States National Top Ten Halter Champion Stallion, Class A Champion at Park and Halter, Most Classic and Legion of Merit Stallion. *Ansata Ibn Halima sired the United States National Champion Mare, Fa Halima, United States National Champion Stallion, Ansata Ibn Sudan, Reserve National Champion Stallion of Europe's Salon Du Cheval, Ansata Abbas Pasha and Reserve National Champion Mare of Europe, Fa Halima. He also has countless champion grand get throughout the World and his blood may be found in most modern day horse pedigrees. Ansata Jamila was out of *Ansata Bint Sameh dam of just 3 foals - Ansata El Wazir, Ansata Jezabel (dam of Ansata Ibn Shah, Ansata Joy Halima - exported to Saudi Arabia, Ansata Jacinda and Ansata Jasmina) and Ansata Jamila (dam of Ansata Shah Zahir, Ansata Ibn Jamila, Ansata Judea and Ansata El Halim). *Ansata Bint Sameh was one of Ansata's early imports and foundation mares by Sameh, known for producing outstanding broodmares with wonderful bodies.

Odysseus is out of Aliamah Moniet a stunning pure white mare of exceptional quality with huge black eyes, an extreme head and correct structure. Dam of Annie's Song HF (by Alidaar), HF Sybel (exported to Israel), White Lace HF (retained by Hope Farms by Shah Zahir), and Magic Monieta (sired by the Minstril and exported to Italy). She held the title of broodmare supreme for Hope Farms for many years before being sold as a foundation mare to Showdown Ranch of Kansas. Aliamah Moniet was sired by The Egyptian Prince, more well-known for siring exceptional broodmares and was himself unshown, but a progenitor of beauty to be found in many successful modern day pedigrees. The Eygptian Prince was sire of 826 foals of which there are countless United States and Canadian National Top Ten Champions. Luck is bestowed upon the breeder who is caretaker of a daughter of the Egyptian Prince, a name that is quite fitting. Some of his illustrious daughters include Amiri Sanaa (dam of Thee Maistro), AK Amiri Asmarr (dam of Thee Desperado), MFA Maara Isis (dam of Khartahl Maaroufa, Khartahl Malika, Khartahl Mahroussa), MFA Tashery (dam of MFA Tiye Moniet, MFA Tassiadeh), AK Nawaal (dam of Nadeemah, ZT Bint Nawaal, AK Desert Rose), Aliamah Moniet (dam of Odysseus HF), and MFA Monien (dam of MFA Mareekh Amir) to name a few. He sired several outstanding sons, including Imperial Salateen, RDM Dhakhkhar, Egyptian Imperor, AK Prince Sabah, Anwar's Prince, Al Kidir (exported to Germany), Price Egypt (exported to Sweden then Germany), Bady As San (exported to Brazil), El Masri Amir (exported to the Netherlands), FF Desert Asahm (exported to Australia), and AF Eskimo (exported to Brazil). Perhaps his best known sons were ET Crown Prince herd sire for Abraxas Arabians, Raquin RA of Kuhaylan Arabians, Prince Fa Moniet who was used extensively at Ansata producing exceptional daughters and sons. a producer of countless United States and Canadian National Top Ten Champions and noted broodmare sire. The Egyptian Prince was also sired by *Morafic, discussed above. The Egyptian Prince was out of *Bint Mona, dam of 13 foals and an early import with significant impact on Egyptian horses known for producing extreme heads with large black eyes. *Bint Mona was also dam of the prolific sires Mohssen, Melouki, and Ibn Zagloul. As a granddaughter to Moniet El Nefous, *Bint Mona brought a beauty and elegance to Egyptian breeding sought the world over to this day and her "look" is recognizable several generations removed. Aliamah Moniet was out of Rodoniet bred by Richard Pritzlaf and eventually owned by Bentwood Farms where she was bred to *Ibn Moniet El Nefous producing Chafa Moniet (sire of 15 foals including Il Mara Moniet), Nafis Romoniet (sire of 22 foals) and Chafa Monhalim, dam of 8 foals including Shaikh Monhalima exported to France, then Germany, and REA Nisrs Adiva who is just beginning her broodmare career. Rodoniet was sired by Umi who was sired by the Park horse and producer Shiko Ibn Sheikh and out of the early import *Bint Dahma known for producing exotic faces with wide foreheads. Rodoniet is out of RSI Rara Delsol dam of 8 foals including AK Bint Raya who was exported to Germany registered at Myrna then exported to the UK, Mofid who was exported to Italy, Amon-Ra who was sire of 29 foals for Katherinenhof, Mubarak who was exported to Iran, registered as Mobarak and sire of 89 foals, Nabeel sire of 13 foals and Sanana exported to Kuwait and dam of NK Oteyba, a black stallion by Salaa El Dine. RSI Rara Delsol was also dam of AK Raiyeh who was exported to France then Germany and dam of 15 foals including AK Bint Raiyeh, AK Desert Flower, CH Rasha, Shaikh El Kuran (exported to the UK, sire of 86 foals and a multi class A Champion Stallion), Rashala (dam of Mumtaz a black stallion, Abitibi Talya, and EAI Rashalika). RSI Rara Delsol is dam of Classic Rashma for Classic Arabian in France producing Classic Ramses (a 2000 black stallion) and Classic Rashidan both by Lohim (x Ansata Halim Shah). RSI Rara Delsol was sired by *Rashad Ibn Nazeer , imported by Richard Pritzlaf and sire of 35 foals including Tibor The General, Shiko Ibn Sheikh sire of 255 foals many of whom are Champions in Performance, Bint El Sarie, RSI Sara, Alcibiades (sire of 101 foals including RG Al Mone and several other notables), Soja RSI, Monieta RSI, Monietor-RSI, Rafisa RSI, Monisa RSI (dam of 12 foals including AK Monisa Moniet, Bint Monisa-exported to Argentina, and AK Radia), Rasmoniet RSI (exported to the UK then Australia and sire of 178 foals), BiMoniet RSI, Sonieta, and Dazeera to name a few. RSI Rara Delsol was out of *Bint Moniet El Nefous the daughter of the "Queen of the Nile" and most famous broodmare of all times, Moniet El Nefous, known for her exquisite beauty and refinement.
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Omar Saalim
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Omar Saalim
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