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SC Desert Star Arabians

Bint Bint Jamilla
Odysseus HF
MB Jamillsa
CA  Clear and LFS Negative
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Bint Bint Jamilla
Odyesseus HF
Ansata Shah Zahir
Aliamah Moniet
Ansata Shah Zaman
Ansata Jamila
* Morafic
*Ansata Bint Mabrouka
* Ansata Ibn Halima ++
* Ansata Bint Sameh
* Morafic
* Bint Mona
RSI Rara Delsol
 MB Jamillsa
Imperial Saturn
Bint Jamilla
* Ibn Safinaz
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Imperial Mistilll
* Jamilll
Monisa Halima
* Jamilll
 Ansata Nile Mist
Madkour I
* Ansata Ibn Halima ++
AK Monisa Moniet
 Bint Bint Jamilla is sure to follow in the footsteps of her incrediable dam and illustrious granddam, Bint Jamilla. She is tall , upright, correct, athletic and easy to manage. She has a beautiful head ( thats very Seqlawi ) nice eyes with long eye lashes . Her favorite thing to do is to jump any obstacle she can find the higher the better. All this in spite of breaking her forearm as a weanling. We feel very fortunate to have her in our breeding program.

Bint Bint Jamilla was bred  to be a prepotent broodmare with a well- blended , yet semi-outcrossed pedigree that is pure in strain Seqlawi​​ Jedran Ibn Sudan to the first generation. However her breeders intent was to combine the closely linebred strengths of her sire and dam (each linebred to different horses) while combining them with additional linebreeding to a third and fourth horse these being  * Ansata Ibn Halima and * Rashad Ibn Nazeer . Incidentally , this was done while breeding pure in strain Seqlawi Jedran Ibn Sudan via the * Bint Moniet El Nefous branch of the Moniet El Nefous family from both sire and dam . You may note that Bint Bint Jamilla's paternal great - granddam , Ansata Jamila is sired by  *Ansata Ibn Halima and her maternal great-granddam, Monisa Halima , is also sired by *Ansata Ibn Halima. More distantly , her maternal grandsire's maternal granddamis a double * Ansata Ibn Halima granddaughter. Then, we have both her sire and dam hailing from the female tail of  * Bint Moniet El Nefous with * Rashad Ibn Nazeer as her mate . Bint Bint Jamilla has very good potential as a broomare supreme, but also as a riding horse . She will br critically evaluated during her three year old year and if she continues to develop as well as she has thus far, she , like her full siblings , has a very bright future.