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From the time I was a very small girl all I can remember is wanting to be in the presence of the Arabian horse . I would dream of one day having a ranch filled with these gorgeous , regal , intelligent, beautiful moving creatures . I was raised to treat all living creatures with respect, kindness ,love and have given up a lot of the world I was once part of the noisy world of man for them.
Ive spent most my life around animals being raised on a cattle ranch the education was invaluable . Learning animal husbandry was a gift and becoming a horseman was another gift my Mom gave me . Now we have collected some of the best breeding in the world, although there is so many types strains of  Arabian horses ​we are creating our own idea with the help of Ravenwood Ranch , Paradise Egyptian Stud , Al Abbasiyah, Ernie Beauvais, Nathalie Desrosiers , Seventeen Ranch and Jeva Farms .

​​ We have promised to dedicate the rest of our time on this earth to breeding the true Desert Arabian. We  believe in the whole horse helping to create great minds ,structure ,and beauty , arabian horses that are built to do it all not just one thing !! We have spent much time reading ,traveling ,educating ,talking with true horseman and being open to new ideas . The way to being successful at this we believe is to have the ability to reach out to others ,help each other and always keep the wellfair of the horse first . Remember to educate .. always be honest in your choices as it effects these gorgeous creatures the Arabian , we are the guardians and should reflect that !! Keeping our precious jewels safe !! Being Responsiable for each life we help create.

This website is being developed with a sharing of knowledge. SC Desert Star Arabians is happy to help with any questions you may have about our program !! If you need help with anything horse feel free to email , we will do the best we can to get information to you . Also we network ..meaning if we cant find the answer we will send you to someone who can . If our program isnt what your looking for we know some incrediable breeders who just may fit into your idea.

SC Desert Star Arabians
Allah preserve thee, my beloved; thou art beautiful, thou art sweet, thou art lovely! Allah defend thee from envious eyes.               
                   Arab Poet ​

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